Equity Owner Membership
Owner membership enjoys full privileges of the Club. This category of membership is limited to 400 members in accordance with the Club By-Law. The following fees and dues are in effect and are subject to change. This category includes advantage dockage & fuel rates.

Equity Purchase $7,500.00 
Annual Dues   $3,118.12 Calendar Year
Minimum Spending Commitment (food/beverage) Family: $1,200.00   Single: $800.00 
(Jan 1st Thru December 31st)
Capital Improvement Fund  $500.00  Per Year

Equity Youth:

A new member (under the age of 41) pays $ 750.00 toward the purchase of an Equity share. 

NOTE: The share is not issued until fully  funded at the inception price.

The new member would be responsible for half dues and minimum until age 41. In addition, this new member would pay an additional

$ 750.00 per year towards the inception price of the share.

All Equity funds will go into the Equity Escrow Account.  At age 41, the balance (if any) of the purchase price of the Equity share must be paid in full.  In the event this new member leaves the Club before the full Equity is paid, he or she would forfeit the escrow funds.  When the full amount (purchase price) of the Equity is paid, the Club would issue an Equity Certificate. This program allows a young individual or family to purchase an Equity share and give them a period of time to do so as well as a break on dues and minimum.

Annual Dues(half)
$1559.06 Calendar Yr.

Food & Beverage
$600.00  Family

$400.00 Single (Oct. 1st Thru Sept. 30th)

Capital Improvement Fund
$500.00 per yr.

Corporate Memberships
For more information, please contact Evans Mulligan General Manager at at (772) 464-2700