About Us

About The Pelican Yacht Club - Fort Pierce, Florida

We just celebrated our 74th year of outstanding tradition.

You can enjoy all that, and more - Dancing, Entertainment, Bridge, Swimming, Health and Fitness Center and, of course, boating and fishing - at the Pelican Yacht Club.

Founded in 1946 by Frank Rowell and Robert Gladwin, with land and buildings purchased from the U.S. Navy, and with generous donations of labor and materials from members and local businesses, the Club caters to the boating and fishing interests of its members.

A swimming pool, new dining room, and other facilities were added over the next two decades. Then, after a devastating fire in 1988, the club was completely rebuilt. In January, 1993, Pelican became an equity ownership club.

Today it offers an elegant, world-class Clubhouse in an unrivaled location on the Fort Pierce Inlet from the Atlantic Ocean. From a dining perspective, enjoy excellent cuisine in a beautiful and spacious dining room that affords a view of spectacular sunsets over the Indian River Lagoon. Of course, the desirable inlet location allows the club a superb Marina and boating facilities. Swimming, Health & Fitness facilities and many social events and entertainment are also available.

Pelican Yacht Club is an Equity (Member Owned) Private Yacht Club and home to the Treasure Coast Sailfish Championship and the 40th Invitational Billfish Tournament.


2020 Flagship Officers
Commodore- Steve Hoskins
Vice Commodore - Karl Guettler
Rear Commodore - Frankie Lott
Past Commodore -Nick Ewen
Secretary- Dr.Whitney Legler
Treasure- Don Buchheim 

Committee Assignments

Committee Chairs & Meeting Dates
House Committee
(1st Wednesday of month at noon)
Chair: Karl Guettler

By-Law Committee (as needed)
Chair: David Willbur

Health and Fitness Committee
(3rd Friday of month at noon)
Chair: Frankie Lott

Selection Committee
(3rd Thursday of month at noon)
Chair: June Ann DeGraw

Past Commodore Committee
(2nd Wednesday of month at noon)
Chair:  Nick Ewen

2020 Board of Directors
Dina McNeill
David Willbur
Dale Reed 
Peter Tyson
June Ann DeGraw
Julie Judge-Griffin

Fleet Committee
(4th Wednesday of month at 4:30pm)
Chair: Peter Tyson

Long-Range Planning Committee (as needed)
Chair: Frankie Lott

Entertainment Committee
(2nd Thursday of month at 4:30pm)
Chair: Evans Mulligan 

Finance Committee
(4th Wednesday of month at noon)
Chair: Don Buchheim 

Women's Auxiliary Liaison (ongoing)
June Ann DeGraw

Building and Grounds
Frankie Lott